The challenge laid down almost a year ago by Wrestling Observer’s Dave Meltzer was met and accomplished when the Young Bucks and The American Nightmare Cody Rhodes invested their efforts into ALL IN and sold out the 10,000 seat Sears Centre in less than an hour. It also helps that the show that just took place this past Saturday was a brilliant booked masterpiece, with each match exceeding expectations. Post-show the members of The Elite expressed that they all plan on sticking together for the foreseeable future, but does that mean they hope to produce another ALL IN?
Now, one fan has gone back to the source that sparked the entire movement, and asked the wrestling guru Meltzer on Twitter if an arena venue similar to WrestleMania would be possible for the ALL IN team to sell out. The star rating machine gave his most honest answer:

What do you think RingSide? Could the success of Cody and the Bucks translate to a much larger space?

Steve Carrier

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