Pros and Cons of Samoa Joe v. AJ Styles in Hell in a Cell

con: It could make the result obvious

This is not absolute. I’m not claiming that it is. I’m just saying that if Styles and Joe were to face each other inside the Cell, I’d be inclined to believe that AJ Styles is retaining the title.

The Cell is supposed to be the big blow-off match. It’s supposed to be the pinnacle of the bad blood. You cannot surpass it. That means that AJ Styles has a higher chance of winning.

If Joe won the title from AJ, AJ is still owed a rematch. Therefore, they will face each other again. Probably within a month, even. And it’s hard to top a Hell in a Cell match. What’s left for them to do? Kill each other?

Again, this is all speculation, but it’s how I see it. However, I’d love to see these two lock horns inside Hell in a Cell, so here’s to hoping.