Pros and Cons of Samoa Joe v. AJ Styles in Hell in a Cell

pro: It will be an awesome match

We all saw how their match at Summerslam went down. Even though the match ended in a disqualification, it was great. The two men are some of the more experienced members of the roster, and it really showed. AJ Styles and Samoa Joe are two top tier athletes. Maybe some people were underwhelmed. That’s okay. Maybe some people didn’t like the ending. Again, that’s okay. But if these two men were placed inside Hell in a Cell, only one man will walk away victorious.

Neither man has competed inside the structure before. Joe was on Raw while Smackdown had the Hell in a Cell PPV, while AJ Styles defended his United States Championship against Tye Dillinger and Baron Corbin in a Triple Threat.

Since both men are very familiar with each other, they could put on an absolute showstealer. Joe is so convincing in his brutality and sadism, and Styles is so great at getting fans behind him. Let the two men wage war in Hell.