Brian Cage had a shot in WWE, but it just didn’t work out for him and he’s spent nearly the last decade proving himself in other companies. Now it looks like he’s on the right track with Impact Wrestling as X-Division Champion.

Cage recently appeared on the Andre Corbeil Show where he went into some detail about how the Impact Wrestling locker room differs from Impact. But it’s not anywhere close to the nervous and always afraid for job feeling that WWE has.

“You know what, they’re both great. Okay, so when I was in [WWE] developmental before I was doing some entrance spots, that was the one thing… the main roster, it was so nerve-racking people were walking on eggshells. People were damned if you do damned if you don’t, and my first dark match and trial match and a few other appearances on Impact when it was still TNA I was blown away at how absolutely different it was.”

“I was so worried like, ‘Should I go to catering? Should I not go to catering? Should I go in the trailer? Should I not go in the trailer?’ Everybody [at Impact] was like: ‘Oh just do what you want!’ Sting, Jeff Hardy, Kurt Angle, Samoa Joe — all these big name guys are so nonchalant and cool about everything. I’m like, ‘Oh wow! This is awesome! This isn’t like a political backstage high school BS like it was over there [in WWE].”

When I come to going back to WWE, Cage isn’t closing any doors. But at the same time he’s having a great run right now and doesn’t want to stop having the fun he’s having right now. At the same time, he’s also not one to beg.

“I was already there, I’m not bitter at all or spiteful for it. I’m super happy and content with what I’m doing now. Unless something in that regard changes or unless an offer I can’t say no to appears, you know I’m happy where I’m at.”

“I’m not against going back, and I would love to go back — but I’m not one that — I’m not sitting there begging and crawling hoping to go back if that makes sense.”

Only time will tell if Cage returns to WWE or they let him back. But it sounds like it might be a case of that time simply passing by if Cage simply decides to keep going his current career path.


Quotes thanks to Wrestling Inc

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