UFC commentator Joe Rogan is known for his thirst for knowledge, which often times delves into a myriad topics on his podcast ranging from historical debates to current MMA trends.

Through it all, he doesn’t shy away from zeroing in on the less than spectacular aspects of human nature and discussing them in depth. But a recent Instagram post from Joe Rogan highlights a little bit from the other end of the spectrum as well.

Posting a video of a white couple telling a little black girl that they’re going to adopt her, and seeing her break down and get emotional is a sight for sore eyes that help in restoring a little bit of faith in humanity.

And Joe Rogan’s caption for the video sums it up perfectly.


There is still a lot of love in this world! Don’t let the nasty bullshit weigh your thoughts down!

The video is so impactful that it has also been shared by UFC President Dana White and former UFC Middleweight Champion Michael Bisping on social media.

Steve Carrier

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