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Tonight’s Raw is set to feature a blockbuster showdown between Braun Strowman and Roman Reigns. Last week, Reigns defended his Universal Championship against Finn Balor in a great match, and then Braun Strowman looked to cash-in his Money In The Bank briefcase. Instead, Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins returned to help Roman, putting Strowman through an announce table, and re-reuniting The Shield in the process. In the past week, Strowman took to Twitter to call Reigns out and face him man-to-man in the ring tonight. Reigns called Strowman out for trying to cash-in after he wrestled a big match, and said he’d be happy to meet him in the ring. These two are kicking-off a new feud, which many will be fine with because the last time they tussled it was hugely entertaining.

For better or worse, Baron Corbin is in now in complete control of Monday Night Raw. Last week, Stephanie McMahon sent Angle on a sabbatical after she was attacked by Ronda Rousey. Baron Corbin was subsequently put in full control of Raw, and tonight marks his first show. What madness will Corbin bring to the show moving forward? Will he book Finn Balor in handicap matches? Will he book himself in Championship matches? We’ll find out soon.

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WWE Monday Night Raw from Toronto, Canada, opens with the Universal Champion coming to the ring.

Reigns is mercilessly booed as he walks down the aisle, which prompts Michael Cole to say he’s “polarising”. We see a replay of Braun Strowman attempting to cash-in last week, only to be thwarted by The Shield.

Reigns waits around for a while before speaking, causing the fans to boo like crazy. Roman says he told Braun Strowman he’d meet him out here at 8:00pm, and it’s at least 8:05pm now. And he’s here to be a fighting Champion. So if Strowman isn’t here soon, this will turn into a “Shield workhorse” open challenge, and anyone can come get some. Reigns waits a moment and then Braun Strowman answers the call.

Strowman comes to the ring to a great reception. He stands face-to-face with Reigns, and questions Reigns calling himself a “workhorse”. He says it didn’t seem that way last week, when he called his boys out to help him. Reigns says Strowman doesn’t get it, he doesn’t tell Rollins or Ambrose what to do, they’re a brotherhood. He says they’ve been in his position and they know how hard it is. Reigns mocks Strowman’s “Get These Hands” catchphrase, and says the only thing his hands are used for is lifting cards, ambulances, stages, and whatever else. Meanwhile, his hands have lifted every piece of gold their is to life in WWE. He says if Strowman wants to step-up and be the man, he should cash-in right now and face him. Strowman says he isn’t cashing-in here tonight, because if he did The Shield would interfere. Strowman says he’ll make a deal: he’ll cash-in on September 16th at Hell In A Cell. Roman says Strowman is finally starting to sound like a monster and he offers a handshake, which Strowman obliges to.

Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre then interrupt to a big pop. Ziggler says he wants to talk about SummerSlam, or as he likes to call it, the crime of the century. He says Seth Rollins stole his Intercontinental Championship, then Seth and Dean helped him retain last week. Reigns looks at Dolph and says losing to a Curb Stomp in the middle of the ring is not a crime. Ziggler says he has proven himself more times than enough, and he will win his title back for the 7th time. Ziggler says he and McIntyre need a new challenge, and they’ve chosen Strowman and Reigns. McIntyre says Reigns and Braun sit atop the Monday Night Raw mountain, and the only place for them to go is down. Ziggler says they’d be more than happy to knock them off tonight. Reigns says they sound like tough guys, all the way up on the stage. He tells them to come down and fight if they want to. Baron Corbin then comes out and tells everyone to slow down.

Corbin says that Strowman’s cash-in has been approved and made official. He then books Reigns and Strowman against Ziggler and McIntyre for later tonight. Strowman turns to Reigns and tells him at Hell In A Cell he will get the Universal Championship, but tonight, Ziggler and McIntyre will “Get These Hands!”

Music plays and we head to the announce table but then Baron Corbin starts talking from the ring. He asks the fans if they think he’s doing a great. He already knows he’s doing better than Kurt Angle. Corbin says he has one more match to announce. He says he himself will be facing Finn Balor, the man, not The Demon. And that match will start right now.

*Commercial Break*

Finn Balor Vs. Baron Corbin

We return just in time for the bell to ring. Corbin and Finn lock-up, Corbin whips him into the ropes and lands a back elbow. Baron whips Finn to the corner but it’s reversed, Corbin slides out under the rope, runs around the ring, slides back in, and clotheslines Finn.

Corbin does the Too Sweet hand gesture to the fans to boos. He then grounds Finn with a rear chin lock. Balor fights to his feet but gets hit with a knee to the gut. Corbin looks for a sunset flip but Balor rolls through and hits a dropkick. Corbin uses his strength to ram Finn into the corner. He runs at Balor, who jumps over the ropes, but Corbin then clobbers him with a forearm and Finn falls to the floor.

Corbin goes out after Finn, lifts him up, and slams him into the barricade. Corbin then squishes Balor’s face against the barricade with his knee. He gets Finn back into the ring for a two-count. Corbin maintains control with some right hands, then goes back to the rear chin lock. Once again Finn fights to his feet, and again is caught with a knee. Corbin floors him with a big right hand, then kicks him from the ring to the floor. Corbin leaves the ring and runs at Balor but gets caught with a slingblade.

*Commercial Break*

We’re back from the break and Corbin has Finn on the mat with a rear chin lock. Balor climbs to his feet but Corbin tosses him to the corner. Balor connects with a running clothesline, then another, and as he looks for the third Finn moves. Corbin slides from the ring and runs around again, slides back in, but this time Finn catches him with the slingblade.

Balor tips Corbin onto his back, then hits a double foot stomp. Balor dodges a dive from Corbin, hits another sling blade, then runs for the corner dropkick but is caught with the Deep Six for a near-fall. Balor uses a Paul Smackage and scores a near-fall, then knocks Corbin from the ring. He follows-up with a top rope tope and wipes Corbin out. Corbin goes to the timekeeper’s area and grabs a chair. Finn hits him and knocks him back into the ring. Balor stops to look at the chair but decides against it. He looks for Coup De Grace but Corbin moves, grabs the chair, and whacks Finn in the gut!

Corbin then rolls from the ring and says he forgot to say this was a no disqualification match. He slides back in, hits Finn in the back with the chair, then hits The End of Days and wins!

Winner: Baron Corbin

Still to come, Natalya Vs. Alicia Fox, Braun Strowman and Roman Reigns battle Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre, but up next, we take a look at Triple H Vs. The Undertaker.

*Commercial Break*

We’re back from the break and we get a replay of Triple H’s promo from last week. The announcers hype-up the Australia Super-Show. We get a video for the match, with WWE Hall of Famer’s talking about the rivalry and making their predictions for who will win. Shawn Michaels will be on RAW next week to address The Undertaker taking on Triple H.

Apollo Crews and Dana Brooke are talking backstage. Brooke is talking about winning a match tonight to prove that she can be on the Evolution PPV. Titus O’Neil comes in and says Brooke has a match against Sasha Banks next. Brooke looks unsure, but Titus gets her fired-up, and she storms off. Crews asks what O’Neil is thinking, Brooke hasn’t had a singles match in nine months. O’Neil says he believes in him and Dana and Titus Worldwide. Then he too walks off excitedly and Apollo shakes his head.

Sasha Banks makes her way to the ring, alongside Bayley. Her match is up next!

*Commercial Break*

Sasha Banks W/ Bayley Vs. Dana Brooke W/ Titus Worldwide

The bell rings, they circle the ring, and Brooke rolls Banks up for a quick one count. Brooke rolls her up again for another one count. Brooke then hits a jackknife cover for a one count. Banks goes for the Bank Statement, but Brooke gets out of the ring and talks strategy with Titus Worldwide.

Dana gets back in the ring and applies a waistlock, but The Boss elbows out. Brooke slingshots over her and taunts Banks. Brooke punches Sasha and taunts the crowd. Brooke puts her in the corner and hits a springboard back elbow. She goes for a second one, but Banks moves out of the way. Banks follows-up with a top rope meteora for a near fall. Brooke forearms her in the face and lifts her up, but Banks slides off and applies the Bank Statement and Dana taps.

Winner: Sasha Banks

Bayley and Sasha celebrate after the match, while Apollo and Titus argue about Dana afterwards.

Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose are seen talking backstage. They bump fists and Rollins walks off. The Kingslayer will be out, next.

We see Dean Ambrose standing by himself backstage. Jinder Mahal and Sunil Singh walk up to him. Mahal says he senses a great anger from Ambrose since he returned, but he can help him to serenity. He tells Dean to close his eyes and think about what makes him happy.

Seth Rollins will make his way to the ring. The fans chant “Burn It Down” and Rollins says he likes where Toronto’s head is at. Rollins says that last week was about taking care of some family business. Rollins points at his Shield shirt and says he and The Shield enjoy being the workhorses. However this week is about Intercontinental Championship business. Rollins figured he’d have to handle Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre, but they’re busy so his dance card is wide open. Who is feeling an Open Challenge tonight? Rollins challenges anyone in the locker room that has the guts.

Kevin Owens responds to the challenge and gets a huge reaction from his home country! Owens stays on the stage looking upset. Owens shakes his head and says he’s glad Rollins is happy and feeling good. Rollins has his buddies back, his title, and his crossfit… he’s on top of the world. Since he’s come back on RAW, his life has been a living hell. Every week he was on Smackdown Live, he wished he could come back to RAW. Now that he’s back, things should be good, but they’re not. Rollins had a good SummerSlam, but he had his best friend by his side. If Owens had his best friend Sami Zayn by his side, he’d have beaten Braun Strowman, and he’d be Universal Champion right now. The fans popped loud for the mention of Sami. Owens says Zayn is at home, so he’s not the champion. Zayn was injured by a brute. Owens says the summer is not over and is not leaving this building without a title. This is Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and he cannot think of a better place… actually he could easily think of one: Montreal, Quebec, Canada. The Toronto crowd boo like crazy. Owens speaks French to them and gets loud boos. Owens saunters to the ring and says he’s taking Seth’s title right now!

We get ring introductions for both men and the fans are already very excited for this one.

WWE Intercontinental Championship Match

(C) Seth Rollins Vs. Kevin Owens

The bell sounds and Owens quickly kicks Rollins, forearms him in the back, and then punches him in the corner. Owens punches Seth down into the corner, and the fans chant “Ole” for Sami Zayn. Rollins turns the tables and punches away at KO. Rollins hits Ownes with a takedown and lands some punches. Rollins gets him back to his feet and lands some chops the chest. Owens reverses a whip to the corner but Rollins quickly pops out of the corner and clotheslines him down.

Owens rolls out of the ring to recover, so Rollins follows him out. Rollins gets him in the ring, but Owens punches him on the apron. Owens goes for a shoulder thrust, but Rollins counters with a leg drop to the back of the neck. Owens falls out of the ring. Rollins picks him up, but Owens hits a throat thrust. Owens sends him into the steps, but Rollins jumps over them. Rollins then dives off the top of the steps with a clothesline and flexes on the floor as we head to the break.

*Commercial Break*

We return to see Owens grounding Rollins with a headlock. Rollins fights to his feet but Owens stops him mid-comeback and scores a two-count. Rollins rolls from the ring and Owens goes after him. Owens throws Seth into the barricade, then slams his arm into the ring post.

Owens gets Seth back into the ring and goes to work on the injured arm. He kicks it, slams it on the mat, wraps it around the ropes, hits a backdrop on it, and puts it in a submission. Again Rollins gets to his feet and floors Owens with a jawbreaker. Owens runs at Seth but the Champ ducks and he flies over the top rope to the floor. Rollins goes after him but gets tosses into the barricade. Owens looks for a cannonball against the barricade but Rollins moves and KO lands on his head!

Back inside the ring, Rollins kicks him in the corner, then hits a slingblade. Owens rolls from the ring and Rollins follows after him with a suicide dive. Rollins gets Owens to his feet and hits another suicide dive! He heads back into the ring and looks for a third but Owens jumps up and punches him! Owens climbs tot he apron but Rollins kicks him down, then hits his third suicide dive and we’re off to commercial!

*Commercial Break*

We come back from the break to see Rollins hit a huge Frog Splash for a near fall.A “This is awesome” chant picks up from the Toronto crowd. Rollins signals for a Curb Stomp, but Owens moves and whips his injured arm off the top rope. Owens tosses him shoulder-first into the ring post, then applies a crossface. Rollins tries to grab the bottom rope but Owens takes his arm and uses it to add more pressure. Rollins then uses his foot to get to the bottom rope.

Owens punches Rollins while talking trash. Owens goes for a Pop-up Powerbomb, but Rollins lands on his feet. Owens goes for a roll-up, but Rollins rolls through and connects with a huge superkick. Rollins hits the ropes for a Curb Stomp but Owens catches him with a Stone Cold Stunner for a near fall! The crowd start a “Holy $hit” chant.

Owens looks horrified that the Stunner didn’t work. Owens gets Seth on the top rope, and looks for a superplex, but Rollins punches him. Rollins hits a sunset flip, lands on his feet, and follows up with a Buckle Bomb, but Owens quickly pops out with a superkick for a near fall! KO is starting to get very stressed. Owens is shaking his head while he climbs the top rope. Rollins cuts him off, and they start wildly brawling on the top rope to the cheers of the crowd. Owens head-butts him and tries for a fisherman’s superplex, but Rollins gets out. Rollins scales the ropes, but Owens crotches him on the top rope. Owens goes for a moonsault, but Rollins moves. Rollins immediately follows up with a Curb Stomp for the win!

Winner: Seth Rollins

We see replays after the match. Rollins celebrates with his title but he looks at Owens on the mat and nods with respect.

The announcers explain why Baron Corbin is in charge instead of Kurt Angle. We get a replay of the opening to tonight’s show, with Braun Strowman challenging Roman Reigns at Hell In A Cell. Corbin then booked a tag team main event for tonight.

We see Corbin backstage and in walks Braun Strowman. The monster hands Corbin the Money In The Bank Briefcase and tells him to make sure it comes to Hell In A Cell.

*Commercial Break*

We return from the break and Kevin Owens is sitting on a chair in the middle of the ring. He apparently won’t leave. The fans chant his name. He eventually puts the mic to his mouth and simply says, “I quit”. Owens walks off.

We go backstage to Renee Young and she interviews Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre. She asks why they challenged Braun Strowman and Seth Rollins. Dolph says you have to make your moves at the exact right time, and tonight they will make the move to the top of the food chain. Drew says last week Reigns had two huge Championship matches, and Strowman failed to cash-in twice. Dolph adds that Reigns and Braun have a hellacious future ahead of them and they aren’t a team. Drew says everyone in the locker room thinks Strowman and Reigns are the two lions in the jungle, but in reality they are two broken animals that need to be put out to pasture.

The B-Team make their way to the ring. The Revival are out next and we have a tag team match.

The Revival Vs. The B-Team

Bo Dallas starts the match against Dash Wilder. Bo knocks him down with a back elbow and tags Axel, who lands an elbow for a one count. Dawson tags in and kicks Axel in the corner. Dawson whips Axel to the corner, then the ropes but Axel responds with a dropkick. The B-Team hit a double-team back body drop, then throw both Dash and Dawson from the ring.

*Commercial Break*

We return to see Dash grinding Dallas’ face on the mat with his forearm. The Revival took control during the break, when Dawson dragged Dallas from the ring and threw him into the barricade. Dallas fights to his feet and looks to tag Axel but Dash trips him and tags Dawson.

Scott hits a dropkick to a grounded Dallas for a two-count. Dawson hits a back elbow to Dallas, then applies something of a bear-hug on the mat. Dash is tagged back in and prevents Dallas from making a tag with a big clothesline. He then goes to the top rope for a tornado DDT but Dallas reverses, sets Dash on the top rope and hits a swinging neckbreaker. Dawson is tagged in and he misses a knee to the back and hits the ropes.

Axel gets the hot tag and clotheslines Dawson, followed-by a rolling neck snap. Axel tries to inspire a chant from Toronto, to no avail, then hits a running knee for a two-count. Axel looks for the Perfectplex but Dawson holds it off. Axel goes for a roll-up but Dash runs in and rolls them over, so that Dawson is pinning Axel. Dallas then hits Dash and he knocks the still-rolled-up Dawson and Axel back over. Then he throws Dallas over the top rope and falls out himself for some reason. The referee then counts the pin but Dawson kicks-out at 2. Dash returns and the The Revival hit The Shatter Machine for the win.

Winner: The Revival

That was a really poor finish to the match. These two teams have little chemistry and make for weird opponents. After the match, Dash and Dawson turn to leave but sneak attack Dallas and hit The Shatter Machine. They leave the ring and get the tag team titles and get back into the ring. Dawson says the whole tag division has been a joke for a long time now, because of The B-Team. They say we went from The Road Warriors, Arn Anderson and Tully Blanchard, to these two fools. They say they want to restore the titles to where they were. So the B-Team should keep the titles nice and clean, because they will be coming for them.

We see Elias backstage, he’ll be performing live, next!

*Commercial Break*

“Ladies and gentlemen, Elias.”

Elias introduces himself, then plays some guitar, much to the delight of Toronto. He says we are gathered here tonight to answer one question, “who wants to walk, with Elias?” He says hey will be tested, it will get tough, but when the tough times come they should not lose the faith. Do not stray from the truth, a truth that everyone here knows, which is that “WWE stands for Walk With Elias”.

Elias says it is time he sings his greatest song… he pauses and says he just had an epiphany. He says when Drake said he started from the bottom, he meant Toronto. Worth pointing out that Drake was born into an extremely wealthy family. Elias says there is no city lower than Toronto. He says he was talking to a friend recently, who said that there is no bigger disappointment in life than going from New York to Toronto. Just then, Elias is interrupted by someone…

Toronto’s-own Trish Stratus comes to the ring to a massive reaction. The fans chant “Welcome Back” before she can speak and even Elias is smiling. Elias then introduces Trish. He says she took some time off from changing diapers to do something important, but a lot has changed since she left. He’s kind of a big deal.

Trish says she knows who he is, she likes him, and she even thinks his music isn’t bad. However, if he’s going to badmouth her hometown, he needs to silence his cellphone, hold his applause, and shut his mouth. Elias says he just speaks the truth. He says his performance is like the Stanley Cup, Toronto will never see it. The fans begin chanting for the Maple Leafs. Stratus responds by saying that what he said is just like him winning a title, never gonna happen. She says she retired here, seven years ago, with a sharpshooter in the middle of the ring. She says she could never have imagined back then, that we’d be only two months away from the first ever all-women’s PPV. She says in a few short months, she will lace-up her boots and face Alexa Bliss. Elias asks if it will be a lingerie match, because he’s been looking forward to them doing that for a long time. Stratus tells him to pack-up all his little instruments and get out. He says let’s stop beating around the bush, she, like everyone else, just wants to walk with Elias. Elias says he hats to break it to her but he doesn’t date women in their 60’s! Stratus slaps him and then suddenly, out comes Ronda Rousey, followed by Natalya. They head to the ring and Elias leaves as we head to the break.

*Commercial Break*

We return from the break and out comes Alicia Fox and Alexa Bliss. They stop on the ramp and Alexa gets on the horn. She says this is such a great Raw moment, seeing Trish, Ronda, and Natalya, all in the ring together. Or, as she likes to call them, Ms. Overhyped, Ms. Overrated, and Ms. Irrelevant. She then waves to Trish and says she replaced her, and she will prove it at Evolution. Bliss turns her attention to Ronda, and tells her she has invoked her rematch clause for Hell In A Cell. She asks the fans if they thought she would ask for her rematch here, and she laughs. She says Canada sucks and she doesn’t like their accents. She introduces an old friend of Trish’s and they make their way to the ring.

Natalya W/ Ronda Rousey & Trish Stratus Vs. Alicia Fox W/ Alexa Bliss & Mickie James

They lock up, and Natalya wrenches the arm before sending her to the corner. Fox quickly tries for a sunset flip, but Natalya counters into a Sharpshooter attempt. Fox grabs the ropes to get out. Foxy crawls behind the ropes but Natalya dropkicks her off the apron.

Fox gets back in the ring and takes her down and applies a rear chin lock. Natalya fights up, so Fox hits a big boot. Fox puts her on the bottom rope and chokes her. Fox distracts the referee while Bliss and James attack Natalya as she hands over the bottom rope. Stratus and Rousey chase them off. Natalya brings Fox into the ring with a flip over the ropes She then hits a discus clothesline and applies the Sharpshooter for the quick win.

Winner: Natalya

Stratus and Rousey celebrate with Nattie after her win. That was such a quick match, Trish must be thinking the more things change the more they stay the same.

Still to come, our tag team main event, Dean Ambrose Vs. Jinder Mahal, and this Purge tv show I’ve seen advertised a dozen times.

*Commercial Break*

We’re back from the break and see Nattie, Ronda, and Trish walking backstage. They walk into The Bella Twins. The five of them hug and exchange pleasantries. Brie announces that her and Nikki are back in action next week!

More WWE Legends talk about The Undertaker vs. Triple H match at the Australia Super Show.

Baron Corbin is talking to Stephanie McMahon on the phone. Corbin assures her that he’ll figure out what’s going on with Kevin Owens. A stagehand comes in, and Corbin tells him to get the masseuse in here pronto. Bobby Lashley comes in and asks if he’s still banged up from their match last week. Corbin says he’s got a match for Lashley tonight, but he forgot who it is. Lashley will find out because his match is next. Lashley slaps him hard on the shoulder and walks off.

*Commercial Break*

Bobby Lashley makes his entrance for his match. Corbin appears on the Titantron and tells Lashley that he won’t be facing just one opponent, but two! Out come Viktor and Konnor, The Ascension.

Bobby Lashley Vs. The Ascension

Lashely gets a jump on the odds and attacks them while making their entrance. Lashley shoulder blocks Viktor down and talks trash to Konnor. Viktor kicks Lashley, but Lashley presses him up. Konnor tags in and chop blocks Lashley as he has Viktor above his head.

Konnor beats on Lashley before applying a front facelock. Lashley powers up, so Viktor tags in and applies a front facelock. Lashley fights up and nearly kills Viktor by throwing him off. Lashley clotheslines Konnor, before hitting snake eyes on Viktor. Lashley hits a spinebuster before clotheslining Konnor over the top rope. Lashley hits Viktor with a Dominator for the win.

Winner: Bobby Lashley

Oh The Ascension, how very far they have fallen.

We see Dean Ambrose walking backstage, he drinks a bottle of water and then throws at some guy standing there.

*Commercial Break*

Jinder Mahal makes his entrance, alongside Singh.

Dean Ambrose Vs. Jinder Mahal W/ Sunil Singh

The bell rings, and Ambrose is wrestling this match without a shirt – I like his new style and attitude. Ambrose quickly takes him down and wrestles with him and Mahal gets out of the ring.

Ambrose chops away at the chest and pushes Sunil Singh into the barricade. Mahal knees Ambrose as hes’s getting back into the ring. Mahal drops a knee and picks up a two count. Mahal knees him in the back and elbows him on the head. Mahal chokes him on the ropes. Mahal soon comes back and applies a chin lock.

Ambrose fights out of the submission, but Mahal responds with a knee to the midsection. Ambrose quickly comes back with a pair of clotheslines. Ambrose connects with a front suplex onto the top rope. Mahal quickly fights back and knees him in the face for a near fall. Mahal signals for the Khallas, but Ambrose reverses with Dirty Deeds for the win.

Winner: Dean Ambrose

Roman Reigns is backstage with Braun Strowman. Strowman knows Reigns doesn’t like him, but he doesn’t like Reigns either. Tonight they’ll destroy Ziggler and McIntyre. Then Reigns can have 20 days to prepare for him to take his championship. Reigns says he’ll wake up on day 21 and realise he couldn’t get it done. The main event is next!

*Commercial Break*

Roman Reigns is the first man out for the main event. He’s followed by his partner, Braun Strowman.

Braun Strowman & Roman Reigns Vs. Dolph Ziggler & Drew McIntyre

Roman and Dolph start the match. Ziggler punches him in the ribs, and Reigns winces in pain. Reigns punches him, but Ziggler applies a side headlock. Ziggler hits the ropes, but Reigns follows him in and hits a jumping clothesline. Reigns punches McIntyre off the apron before clotheslining Ziggler over the top rope. Reigns goes outside and hits a Drive By Dropkick on Ziggler. Reigns gets Ziggler back into in the ring but McIntyre then big boots him at ringside, and throws him in the ring.

Ziggler plants him with a big DDT, but Strowman breaks up the pin. McIntyre tags in and attacks Reigns. Ziggler tags back in and taunts Strowman. Ziggler then applies a rear chin lock to ground the Champion. Reigns fights up, but Ziggler releases the hold to connect with a dropkick for a two count. McIntyre tags in and hits a textbook suplex for a two count. Ziggler tags in and drops an elbow for a near fall. Dolph reapplies the chin lock, but Reigns soon fights up and powers him to the corner to break it up. Ziggler runs at Roman, who gives him a back drop out of the ring!

Ziggler gets back in the ring, but Reigns connects with a big boot. Ziggler tags in McIntyre. McIntyre sends Reigns to the ropes, but he lowers his head and eats a kick. McIntyre quickly stops him from tagging Strowman and hits a belly-to-belly overhead suplex. McIntyre stomps Reigns’ face and tags Ziggler in. Ziggler taunts Reigns and rakes his face on the top rope. Ziggler goes for a splash in the corner, but Reigns pops out with a Superman Punch and both men are down and crawling to their corners.

Strowman and McIntyre are tagged in. Drew looks nervous about getting into the ring with him. Strowman just stands on the apron, staring at McIntyre. A “Get These Hands” chant starts from the crowd. Ziggler and McIntyre drag Reigns into the centre of the ring and stomp away at Reigns as Strowman just watches. They stomp until the referee disqualifies him.

Winners by Disqualification: Roman Reigns & Braun Strowman

Strowman slowly gets in the ring and looks at Ziggler and McIntyre. Strowman turns his attention to Reigns and yells that he’s not finished with him. Strowman head-butts him and throws him to the corner before allowing McIntyre and Ziggler to attack. I believe this is meant to be a heel turn but the fans are loving it. Reminds me of Becky Lynch and Charlotte.

Dean Ambrose runs down to help, but he’s soon taken over. Ziggler and McIntyre hit him with a Zig-Zag/Claymore Kick combo. Seth Rollins runs down, but Strowman hits him with a Running Powerslam. Strowman then hits Ambrose with a Running Powerslam. Finally, McIntyre lifts Reigns up for Strowman to give a Running Powerslam. Strowman then raises the hands of Ziggler and McIntyre to end the show.

That’s it for this week’s Raw! Let us know your thoughts in the comments and come back tomorrow for more news! Until then, safe travels!

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