Four Matches That Could Potentially Take Place in Hell in a Cell

becky lynch v. charlotte flair

I dunno if WWE wants to save this match for Evolution or what, but if they want to have a 2nd ever Women’s Hell in a Cell match, they could do a lot worse than this.

While I think the alignments are all wrong for this feud, I’m willing to see where it goes. Maybe it turns out to be something really special. We shall see what we shall see.

If WWE decides to have Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair compete inside the Hell in a Cell structure, the build could be somewhat spectacular. I’m not talking about how Charlotte Flair and Sasha Banks were so happy to compete inside the “Devil’s Playground” and then Mick Foley yelled so hard that his teeth fell out. Hopefully WWE learns from their mistakes and gives this match a proper build, should it actually happen.

Becky Lynch is one of the best promos among the women, so she could absolutely sell the anger and fear of having to compete in this match. I’m less sure about Charlotte and the way she always stresses the wrong words during her promos (“you AND me, at Hell IN A Cell”), but if Lynch does most of the talking, it will be great.

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