Four Matches That Could Potentially Take Place in Hell in a Cell

randy orton v. jeff hardy

At Extreme Rules, Randy Orton returned from injury and promptly stomped on Jeff Hardy’s dick. At the next Smackdown, he ambushed Hardy and put his finger through the hole left by Hardy’s ear disk. It was all sorts of nasty. Because of all these ambushes, Hardy and Orton had a match last Smackdown. It ended with Jeff punching Orton in the dick and then sending him through a table with a Swanton Bomb. It was quite cool.

I’d be surprised if the feud ended just like that. No, this needs a bigger and better ending, and what better place to end such a vitriolic and hateful feud than inside Hell in a Cell? Just two men locked inside with nowhere else to go. Could be fun.

Orton and Hardy are two in-ring veterans who could tell an absolutely great story within the cage. And then Hardy can try do a Swanton Bomb off the cell if he wants to.

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