WWE Has Got the Becky Lynch Story Completely Wrong

everyone is supporting becky lynch

If WWE is smart (and I’m hoping to god they are), they’d listen to the crowd reactions and adjust based on them. Probably won’t happen, but it’s nice to dream.

Anyway, despite the supposed heel turn, fans continue to cheer for Becky Lynch, perhaps even louder than before. Lynch’s last two appearances were in Brooklyn, a really smarky crowd, so I’d be inclined to agree if someone were to say that these were “isolated events.” But they’re not.

At a Smackdown house show, Becky attacked Charlotte. Guess how the crowd reacted (hint: they loved it and cheered for her). House show crowds aren’t “bizarro world” fans who “cheer who they normally boo and boo who they normally cheer”. They don’t feel the need to chant silly things on TV or anything like that. They react to what they see,

So when a house show crowd who normally goes with the flow is actively cheering for the supposed heel, something’s up. Let’s see what kind of crowd reactions Becky Lynch will get over the next few weeks. If she continues to get cheered, hopefully they adjust.

WWE may have found a great opportunity to turn Lynch into the top face of the women’s division, but for some reason they refuse to capitalize on it. They may have also found a great twist to the usual “best friends now hate each other” story. Again, they refuse to capitalize on it.

Here’s to hoping WWE is willing to adapt and change the story as it goes. Wishful thinking, but we never know.

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