Alongside fellow WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross, Jerry “The King” Lawler was interviewed by Sports Illustrated in promotion of their upcoming two-man show based on the Attitude Era to take place in Chicago.

Given the amount of travel Lawler has had to do following the death of his son, the “King” revealed how he has been feeling emotionally.

“This whole time has been a nightmare. I wake up every morning and hope this was a bad dream. No parent should ever have to bury their child, and to have go through that, it’s just the worst thing you can imagine.”

Lawler also returned to the pre-show panel for WWE SummerSlam on the weekend. Lawler revealed what the backstage reaction was to his return and named a legendary WWE Superstar who contacted him following the death of Brian Christopher.

“The people in the business and the fans themselves have really stepped up. I’ve heard from so many people out there. I was just at SummerSlam and Stephanie McMahon hugged me and started crying, Mark Henry and R-Truth, who was really close with Brian, were crying. It’s meant so much to me to know how much he was thought of. I got a phone call from The Rock. He and Brian started out together. Brian was so proud of his friendship with The Rock, and that call meant a lot. I feel bad for everyone who comes up to me, because they’re hurting too, and there is nothing we can do to bring Brian back. But I do really appreciate everyone’s thoughts and their concerns during this time.”

As we previously reported, Lawler is investigating the death of his son, as he does not believe Christopher hung himself as first reported.


Did you expect Lawler to be at SummerSlam? Are you attending or have you attended one of the two-man shows Ross and Lawler are doing? Do let us know in those comments below.

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