The Eater of Worlds hasn’t been seen on WWE television since he and his partner Matt Hardy lost their tag-title rematch against the B-team a few weeks ago on Raw. Now, with word going out that Hardy and Wyatt are done as a team due to Matt’s health, the former WWE Champion is once again in creative limbo.

Or is he?

When the SHIELD reunited on Monday it became apparent that the Hounds of Justice were sticking around for quite a while and speculation as to who their future opponents would be began to form. Bobby Lashley has already told Braun Strowman that he would be willing to assist with his war against Roman, Seth, and Dean, but what about the man who brought the Monster Among Men into the WWE in the first place? The Wyatt family collided with the Shield back in 2014, and if memory serves correct, they came out on top as the dominant faction. (Wyatts and SHIELD have battled 3 times in six-man action on WWE TV, with the Wyatts holding a 2-1 lead.)

Bray seems to recall his success against the Hounds, and tweeted out a reminder to the WWE Universe.


The Elimination Chamber matchup in 2014 is still recognized as one of the best multi-man matches of the last few years and really solidified the SHIELD as a trio of main event performers. Does this mean WWE may bring the Eater of Worlds back into the picture?

Stay Tuned….

Steve Carrier

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