When the SHIELD reunited last night on Raw to thwart the Monster Among Men’s Money in the Bank cash-in attempt a good portion of the wrestle-verse immediately assumed that this was the long awaited heel turn for Roman Reigns. In actuality, it was the furthest thing from that.

Braun Strowman has been a menace and a bully. The terrorizing he did of Kevin Owens was of a borderline sociopath, and the fact that he waited once again until after the matchup to cash-in proves that he doesn’t care about anything except himself and the Universal Championship. So when Roman’s brothers, Seth and Dean, came out to stop the Monster from taking advantage of a situation, they were merely stopping the Big Dog from losing the title he worked so hard for cheaply.

Now in a WWE exclusive, watch the SHIELD celebrate together as a faction after Raw went off the air. You’ll notice that they’re even celebrating with fans and handing out high fives. That is not something that bad guys do, and proof that their bond is to protect each other and dish out justice where they see fit.


The Hounds are back.

Steve Carrier

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