Pentagon Jr. signed a 6 season deal with Lucha Underground. At this point, he still has time remaining on that contract, but the reason he’s allowed to work Impact Wrestling is that the two companies are cool with each other. WWE isn’t cool with Impact Wrestling or Lucha Underground, let alone MLW because Penta performs for all three companies.

People who have booked both Pentagon Jr. and his brother Fenix on dates in 2019 have been told those events might be in question. Now only time will tell if the “overtures” The Wrestling Observer Newsletter made to the Lucha Brothers might mean something big is on the way.

One indie promoter isn’t happy with Pentagon Jr. the slightest for missing a scheduled appearance on the 18th. Gabriel Ramirez who runs Pro Wrestling Revolution wrote a pretty interesting post on his Facebook which details how the former Impact World Champion recently got out of working for his company.

“I really didn’t want to have this happen, but it is what it is.”

“I am getting texts, and DM about Pentagón 0M and why he was not at Pro Wrestling Revolution – King City, August 18th and asking if he is was or ever was hurt.”

“Pentagon told me he hurt is back in Naucalpa when he slipped on beer that was on the floor, and required medical assistance on Thursday night, and when I spoke to him on Friday morning, this was what he told me. When we spoke he was at a chiropractor getting adjusted and then called me to tell me that the doctor told him he needed to rest his body for 4 days.”

“I offered him to still get paid and arrive at the show as promoted, but did not need to wrestle. He said it was too much on his back to fly then the drive to the venue.”

“He sent me a video on Saturday morning, that we aired on our live stream and aired the audio the fans at the show.”

“I can only take his word as he told me, right?”

“But now, I am getting questioned if he was hurt or not, and I understand people are upset because he didnt come… here is the link I am being sent, but I am NOT the one that should be asked.”

“You decide for yourself.”

“I apologize to our fans it happened, but I can’t apologize for what happened tonight.”

If WWE wants Pentagon Jr, this could be a very important item to note from this point onward. Let’s just hope he doesn’t just the “slipped on a beer” excuse with Vince McMahon because he would probably do more than just write a Facebook message about it.

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