Dana White Says UFC Is Now Worth $7 Billion After Deal With ESPN

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To quote Aldo the Apache from Inglorious Basterds: “Business is a Boomin.” That’s certainly the mindset of UFC President Dana White, who after having an incredibly lucrative year in 2017, now claims that his mixed martial arts promotion is worth double it’s value after their new television deal with ESPN for $1.5 billion dollars. White made these statements in a recent interview with well-known entrepreneur and life coach Tony Robbins.

When you think about it we haven’t even scratched the surface yet of how big this thing can be. We just did a TV deal with ESPN for $1.5 billion for five years. Now the company is worth $7 billion.

Obviously this ESPN deal is going to be massive for us, expose us to millions of people just here in the U.S. that haven’t been exposed to the UFC. We’re going to continue to go into markets we haven’t been, we’re going to continue to find the best talent in the world. I love to find up-and-coming talent. I love to find the next guy or girl. Continue to build the sport. That’s it. That’s my focus. It’s not rocket science, it’s nothing crazy. Just continue to do what we do and get bigger and bigger.

Check out the full hour long interview below.

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