Summerslam: The Worst Possible Outcomes

dean ambrose joins forces with dolph ziggler

At Summerslam, Dean Ambrose will be in Seth Rollins’ corner as the latter faces Dolph Ziggler for the umpteenth time, But what if Ambrose turned his back on his former-best-friend-and-bitter-enemy-and-now-current-best-friend Seth Rollins? And then aligned himself with none other than Mr. Showoff, Dolph Ziggler?

Ambrose hits Rollins with Dirty Deeds while the ref is taking a nap or something, and Ziggles pins him. Ambrose then raises good ol’ Dolph’s hand in victory.

Next night on Raw, Dean explains himself. “I saw a lot of myself in Dolph Ziggler, so I wanted to help him out.” Dolph shows up and agrees, saying, “You know Dean, you and I are quite similar.” Neither man explains what they mean,

Next to show up is Rollins, who angrily demands to know why Dean betrayed him. “I thought we were friends?” asks the Architect.

“No,” says Dean. Rollins just shrugs and goes to the back, and Dean, Drew, and Dolph continue as a trio and raise all sorts of hell until they lose to Roman Reigns in a three-on-one handicap match.