Summerslam: The Worst Possible Outcomes

rusev & Lana v. Andrade “cien” almas & Zelina vega ends in a no contest

At the Summerslam pre-show, Rusev and Lana will take on Andrade Almas and Zelina Vega. It sounds like it could be an alright match. Lana’s improved as a wrestler, so she won’t be terrible.

Anyway, the match is ongoing, and suddenly, Jack Swagger’s music hits. Swagger appears, marches to the ring, and attacks both Almas and Rusev before tossing both of them out.  He is heard yelling “get these [expletive] foreigners out of my [expletive] ring!” He then leads all 3,517 people in attendance (it is a preshow match) in a “We the People” chant.

Next night on Smackdown, Swagger beats Rusev, Almas, Daniel Bryan, and Sin Cara in a Fatal Five Way match to determine AJ Styles’ next challenger for the WWE Championship. During the build to the match at Hell in a Cell, Swagger calls Styles a “cuck”, despite the fact that Styles is from Georgia and not California. Styles later retains against Swagger, who promptly disappears from WWE altogether, leaving everyone wondering what the last month was for.