Chris Jericho Wanted To Book WWE vs IWGP Match For SummerSlam


Chris Jericho has a lot of very good ideas and he recently called up Vince McMahon to share a really great one he had for SummerSlam this year. The bad news is that Vince didn’t go for it.

Y2J spoke on Talk Is Jericho that he had a great plan for his IWGP Intercontinental Championship because he wanted to face Seth Rollins for his IC Title. Yes, Ziggler is the IC Champion now, but this idea could have been pulled off at the time when Jericho suggested it. He said he had travel squared away to show up on the go-home Raw before SummerSlam and everything. But, McMahon didn’t want to do it because he just booked a repeat from Extreme Rules instead.


“I placed a call to a certain head of a certain wrestling company, let’s just leave it at that,” Jericho revealed. “I said I’ve got something for you. It’s boffo box office. I said what do you think about first-time Intercontinental Champion vs Intercontinental Champion Jericho vs. [Seth] Rollins?”

If WWE would have agreed to do this, it would have ended in a DQ with a run-in but who knows how it might have changed the pro wrestling world? This might remain one of the biggest “what if’s” in recent memory.

Thanks to Wrestling Inc for the quotes in this article

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