Champions Who Probably Aren’t Losing at Summerslam

the b-team

It is all sorts of incredulous that someone would have the audacity to claim that Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel could actually win a match, but that’s 2018 for you. Former champions Bray Wyatt and Matt Hardy (who had an absolutely uneventful reign as champions) are out of the picture, and at Summerslam, the B-Team takes on the Revival.

It sounds almost sacrilegious to some, but I don’t think the Revival are winning at Summerslam. I feel like the B-Team is being saved for the Authors of Pain later down the line. Of course, the question does remain: who will face the Authors of Pain afterwards? Alas, that’s just the sorry state of Raw’s tag team division.

I fully expect Bo and Curtis to eke out a win at Summerslam before getting absolutely slaughtered.