Champions Who Probably Aren’t Losing at Summerslam

Dolph Ziggler

I know Dean Ambrose just returned. The big bad lunatic man (who is seriously swole right now) will be in the corner of his good ol’ buddy boy Seth Rollins. How are Dolph and Drew supposed to survive that?

I honestly believe that Ambrose could be turning heel soon. He’s obviously one of the best faces on the roster right now, but Raw is seriously outbalanced. When Lesnar isn’t around (which is pretty much all the time), Raw doesn’t really have a top heel. Kevin Owens is being bullied by Braun Strowman, and Elias is losing to Bobby Lashley. Who’s next? Jinder Mahal? Please.

Plus, it would be all sorts of cool to have Dean and Seth feud for a couple of months before Dean wins and sets his sights on the Universal Championship, which will hopefully be out of Lesnar’s hands by then. With Lesnar going back to UFC, Raw will need a top heel. Summerslam could be the turning point for that.