Champions Who Probably Aren’t Losing at Summerslam

Shinsuke nakamura

Last month at Extreme Rules, Shinsuke Nakamura won the United States Championship through some seriously nefarious means (i.e. punching Jeff Hardy in the dick). Jeff Hardy had a rematch the next Smackdown, but was unable to regain his title. The two will meet again at Summerslam for what I’m assuming is the last time.

I feel like Nakamura is retaining because the most interesting person in the whole story isn’t even in the match. Randy Orton has been watching in the shadows and attacking Hardy. Many were assuming that Orton would be added to the US title match, but so far that hasn’t happened.

There are also the rumors that Jeff Hardy is working hurt. These have been going around for the past five months but yet Hardy still shows up on TV all the time so no one really knows what’s up. If he isn’t injured, then I’m assuming that he and Orton will lock horns later on, and Nakamura will go on to do other things.