Paige Calls On Fans To Show Twitter Troll “Some Love”

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It seems like people are going to keep talking about the Peyton Royce/Dave Meltzer comments and Paige is getting in on the action by defending her sisters in the backstage area as well.

Renee Young tweeted out reply to Peyton Royce’s comments to Meltzer saying, “What a true piece of sweltering hot garbage. You’re an angel too good for this earth. He’d be lucky if you gave him the time of day. Which you would, because you’re also a great person. Love ya girl. Let’s set better examples.”

Calling Meltzer a “true piece of sweltering hot garbage” didn’t set too well with one fan of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter when he tweeted back: “Shut up Renee! Dave Meltzer already apologized for it. By the way, you’re fat too. Not as fat as Paige, but you’re getting there.”

This was a pretty awful thing to say and since this guy drug Paige into things, she replied by sending her fans after this troll. Only time will tell if there are any lasting effects from this controversy but it doesn’t seem to be going away just yet despite Meltzer’s long apology.

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