Batista Shows Off New Tattoo That Took Days To Get


Batista is a pretty tatted-up guy, but now he has even more ink and it took him a couple days in the chair to get it too. The Animal might not be wrestling anymore, but he’s not ruling that out. Now if he makes a return of some kind, he’ll have new ink to show off.

Batista recently showed off a new tattoo on his leg of three dogs saying, “So this is how I spent my last few days in NYC.. amazing trip where I had the honor of being tattooed by my girl Sturdy Lines Tattoo. She gave me the gift of bringing my babies with me everywhere I go. And I can’t explain how happy that makes me. She’s amazing and her work speaks for itself.”

But wait, that’s not all for Batista because while he was in NYC, he also took in a showing of Hamilton. It’s good to see that Drax The Destroyer is still having a good time, even though he isn’t wrestling anymore and might walk from the Guardians Of The Galaxy franchise after the firing of James Gunn.

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