Possible Reason For Hulk Hogan’s nWo Announcement

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Hulk Hogan made news all over recently when he teased an nWo look alongside Scott Hall and Kevin Nash. They’re having a lot of fun and promoted October 27th as a day the professional wrestling world will change. But what does Hogan mean?

Brad Shepard noted on Barnburner’s Fired Up that WWE will be looking to take things very slowly with Hogan following his reinstatement into the WWE Hall Of Fame. After all, his backstage apology wasn’t received all too well by a few members of the locker room.

Joe Peisich expanded on Shepard’s update saying Hogan’s reunion with Hall and Nash as the nWo coincides with Chris Jericho’s cruise.

Joe said he was told this is probably the case. The nWo will be a part of the Chris Jericho Rock n Wrestling Ranger At Sea if all things go according to this plan.


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