Chasing Glory Recap w/ Bobby Lashley – Working With Donald Trump, Dream Match Against Lesnar, SummerSlam Role, More!

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Lashley admits that he was never really comfortable with public speaking. He thinks that derives from his time in the military when he was basically told to shut up and train. His athleticism and strength seems to come naturally, but talking in front of crowds and cutting promos is always work for him. He’s able to combat that struggle by simply taking the scripts he’s given, and going to the ring and making it happen.

Lashley mentions that he’d love to be a heel at some point again in the future. He thinks there are a number of great babyfaces on the roster that he’d be able to have a great program with as a heel. He points out that Roman Reigns is the top guy in WWE, and it was great working a program with him recently. Lashley thinks that if he was a heel, he’d be able to get Reigns all the way over as a babyface.

He notes that some people were critical of them working together prior to their two matches. He points out that some fans really look forward to the potential “match of the night”, but sometimes it’s great to just see two big guys beating each other up. He knew that some fans thought the live audience would boo their matches, but he was sure that when he and Reigns got to the ring they’d be able to captivate the audience and hold their attention.

Lashley admits that he’d love to be in the Universal Title match at SummerSlam with Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar. Fans have been asking for a match between him and Lesnar for a long time, and Lashley hopes that can happen at some time in the future. He points out that he’s never really had a dialogue with Lesnar, even though they’ve been compared to each other for years.

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