Why Stephanie McMahon Says Wrestlers And Not Superstars


WWE is a place without wrestlers even though they are a professional wrestling company. Instead, their roster is full of Superstars which sounds better but it pretty much means the same thing.

Kane is getting ready to start his Mayoral duties on September 1st, but he recently took a chance to speak to Fox News Rundown about something Stephanie McMahon told him trying to explain why WWE doesn’t use the term “wrestlers.”

“I remember Stephanie McMahon once saying there’s a reason why we’re not called wrestlers. We’re called Superstars because there’s so much more that we do.”

“Even within our WWE careers, all the things that we’re asked to do. Our promotion, dealing with the media, all of that stuff is more than just a guy or gal in the ring for 10 minutes a night and put on a show.”

This is a pretty good answer which no doubt came from Stephanie’s father Vince McMahon to explain why he likes the word so much. It makes sense in a way because WWE Superstars are always living a public life and do way more than just wrestle. But it would still be nice to hear the word “wrestle” every now and then on WWE.

Thanks to Wrestling Inc for the transcription


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