Paige Misses Pro Wrestling

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Paige hasn’t wrestled since before the Royal Rumble after she took a bad bump during a house show when Sasha Banks kicked her down. Paige’s head hit the mat and that was all she wrote for Paige.

The first-ever NXT Champion was taken out of action and managed Absolution until after WrestleMania when she retired. Paige surprised everyone by showing up on SmackDown live the next night as their new GM.

Paige recently posted a picture of herself in her wrestling gear posing before a match. She said, “I miss you,” when talking about the ring. After all, Paige grew up in a pro wrestling ring so leaving wasn’t an easy thing to do at all.

Perhaps Paige will someday return to the ring, but until then WWE is going to play it safe and keep her retired. But, she certainly misses wrestling and contracts don’t last forever so only time will tell if she’ll wrestle again and for what company it happens under.

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