James Ellsworth & Noelle Foley’s Boyfriend Issue Challenge To David Arquette & RJ City

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It seems like RJ City and David Arquette are friendly now after their throwdown a few weeks ago. At least Arquette would like to think he’s RJ City’s friend.

Now it looks like these two will have a chance to put their friendship to the test. James Ellsworth, a guy who up until a few weeks ago still had a gig on SmackDown Live is teaming up with a guy we only know about because he’s dating Noelle Foley. Ellsworth and Frank The Clown have issued a pro wrestling challenge to RJ City and David Arquette.

Only time will tell how this turns out after all this match does have a lot of possibilities to be entertaining. You can check out a video that Frank The Clown put out below issuing the challenge. He says he’s a megastar and he has his own reality show on the WWE Network. While playing a heel, this match might actually happen.

Now the match will happen at Warrior Wrestling on September 2nd and it promises to be very interesting.

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