R-Truth Thinks It’s SummerSlam Already

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R-Truth has made a career out of being confused and then following it up by saying, “my bad” before leaving. It’s a pretty fun gimmick and he’s done the best he could with it.

Tye Dillinger recently asked R-Truth where he was because apparently, he was looking for Ron Killings. It turns out that R-Truth got things switched around once again because he’s already in Brooklyn for SummerSlam.

Although someone should inform R-Truth that SummerSlam is actually next week, it’s still funny to picture him trying to get into the Barclays Center but the doors are locked.

If anything, R-Truth is the one thinking Dillinger is lost until someone smartens him up as to which day it is. But even if you tell R-Truth, you have to wonder what he plans on doing seeing how he’s not booked on the card at this point.

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