Liv Morgan Uploads Emotional Video Of Her WWE Main Roster Call-Up

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Every WWE Superstar will always remember the moment they discovered they were getting called up to the main roster. WWE likes to get actual reactions on video whenever possible for authentic viewing experiences for fans, but not everyone can be on camera when they get the news about their main roster call-up.

Thankfully for us, one of Liv Morgan’s friends was actually recording her when she found out that she was getting a spot on SmackDown Live.

It’s a pretty emotional video and you can check it out below. Morgan said she had no idea this video existed until she stumbled across it recently. After some pressure from fans to show the video, she finally gave in.

It’s a pretty real moment for sure, and it gives us an idea about how much Liv Morgan wanted to become a WWE Superstar. If anything, it’s not every day we get to see someone find out their dreams are coming true.

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