Why WWE Changed Madison Rayne’s Name For The Mae Young Classic

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Madison Rayne just lost a Knockouts Title Match at Impact Wrestling’s Slammiversary event last month and now she’s in the Mae Young Classic. Rayne is also booked for All In and a bunch of indie dates all over using that same name. But for some reason, WWE decided to call her “Ashley” when she performed in the 2018 Mae Young Classic.

Dave Meltzer noted on Wrestling Observer Radio that WWE changing Rayne’s name might have had more to do with where just came from and how recently she performed on their stage.

“I think the reason they made Madison Rayne changed her name is because they didn’t want to have someone who was on Impact a week ago. So that’s why I think they changed her name. She was the only one that changed her name.”

WWE makes their own decisions about someone’s name and all it takes is changing a nameplate and having the announcers drill into the fans heads that someone changed their name and suddenly someone’s name is altered. So it’s not a new thing to switch up someone’s name. But that might be why we got Ashley Rayne instead of Madison Rayne at the 2018 MYC.

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It’s also very interesting that Ashley Rayne didn’t do too well either because she lost in the first round of the tourney.


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