Dinner With The King Recap – Remembering Brian Christopher Lawler

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Lawler gets emotional as he discusses the thought of having to tell doctors to turn off the machines that were keeping his son alive. At one point Brian’s blood pressure began to drop and the doctors told Lawler that they were just delaying the inevitable. Lawler held Brian’s hand as his heart stopped beating. The family said their goodbyes and then they left. Lawler thanks the hospital staff for allowing them the freedom to stay there with Brian as long as they wanted.

Lawler points out that like most young people who aren’t expecting to die, Brian didn’t have any of his burial plans laid out. Lawler and the family had to straighten out all of those details in the days following Brian’s death, and that has been extremely difficult for him.

Lawler informs that it’s been great to read some of the fan messages that he has received since Brian’s death. He points out that Brian was “Grandmaster Sexay” 24/7, and while that character entertained millions, he was unable to turn that character off. Brian had made some bad decisions, and was recently arrested on a DUI charge.

Brian was set to serve a mandatory 90 days in jail because this was his third DUI. Lawler, like many other people, have their doubts that Brian actually committed suicide that day. He points out that some things went on in that jail, and there’s an ongoing investigation that might take a long time to be sorted out. He says he shouldn’t speak about any of those details at this time.

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