Chris Jericho Helped Impact Wrestling Find New Leadership

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Impact Wrestling has been going through a transition since the company kicked off and this recent change in the guard was no exception.

Don Callis is now running Impact Wrestling and it was noted in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that it is thanks to Chris Jericho. If you’re from Winnipeg, then you’re involved in professional wrestling in some way because they have a lot of people involved in the sport from that Canadian city.

Leonard Asper of the Asper family who’s family runs the Fight Network, Impact Wrestling, and a lot of other things was talking to Chris Jericho. They’re both from Winnipeg so it makes sense. Y2J told Asper that everyone else they had run the company before were “snakes” and he needed someone they could trust.

Then Jericho “went as far as to say that he should hire Callis to run the company or fold the company.” Therefore, if you’re really enjoying Impact Wrestling’s new product as of late like a lot of fans have been who decided to give them another honest chance, then you can thank Chris Jericho for your enjoyment of WWE’s competition.

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