Raw Superstar Wants WrestleMania Match Against The Rock


The Rock might have interest in a WrestleMania 35 match when Mania Weekend moves to the NYC area in 2019. Now another Superstar is throwing his hat in the ring.

Heath Slater has kids and he could use a big WrestleMania payday. Therefore, the One Man Band tweeted out: “I’ll take on The Rock at Wrestlemania We can do it for my kids. And I’m sure it can be a good match.”

If The Rock steps into the ring at Mania, it very well could be against a guy like Slater who he could beat rather quickly without a big risk of injury. Of course, it wouldn’t be the biggest marquee The Great One’s been on, but any match with The Rock is sure to put butts in the seats.

So if you want to see this match go down, then you might want to get a #RockvsSlater trend going on social media.

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