Impact Wrestling’s Slammiversary Results – July 22nd, 2018

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House of Hardcore Rules
Tommy Dreamer vs. Eddie Edwards

They go right at it as the bell sounds. Dreamer quickly hits a suplex on the outside. Dreamer smashes a fan’s beer in Edwards’ face. Dreamer has a trash can and a cookie sheet, nailing Edwards with the sheet. Edwards comes back with a running boot. Edwards goes for a dive, but Dreamer nails him with the can. “ECW” chants from Toronto as Dreamer with a neckbreaker in the ropes. Dreamer sent off the ringpost, then Edwards grabs a staple gun. Dreamer blocks it and staples Edwards’ head to counter a Sunset Flip! OW! Edwards is busted open from the staple. Dreamer grabs a fan’s replica ECW title belt and nails Edwards in the head with it. Edwards comes back with a tope suicida, then crotches Dreamer on the barricade. Edwards is licking his own blood and smiling maniacally. Edwards grabs a chair and a kendo stick. Edwards nails Dreamer repeatedly with the kendo stick. Dreamer comes back with a cutter. Dreamer now unloads with the kendo stick, with Edwards daring him for more, leading to Dreamer drilling him in the head with the kendo stick. Dreamer sets up two open chairs and heads up top, but Edwards crotches him with the kendo stick and heads up with him. Dreamer then with a Super Dreamer Driver through the two chairs for a close 2. Dreamer sets up a table and has a bottle of lighter fluid. Dreamer douses the table, but Edwards comes back with a Double-Arm DDT. Edwards hits the Boston Knee Party using a chair for the win.

Winner: Eddie Edwards via Boston Knee Party

Edwards begins crying after, trying to embrace Dreamer but Dreamer shoves him aside. Dreamer then extends his hand but out comes Edwards’ wife Alisha. Alisha says its over and to shake Dreamer’s hand. They shake hands, then Dreamer hands Edwards the kendo stick, says something to Alisha and leaves. Alisha walks off as Edwards lays in the ring with the kendo stick.

Backstage promo from Matt Sydal about his X-Division Championship Match against Brian Cage tonight.

Impact X-Division Championship
Matt Sydal (c) vs. Brian Cage

Cage has complete control early, hitting a ton of offense on Sydal. Sydal plays cat and mouse and is finally able to gain control, working over Cage’s legs. Cage fights back, but Sydal hits Meteora off the apron. Sydal counters a Gorilla Press with a Headscissors in the ropes. Sydal hits a Standing Moonsault, but Cage deadlifts him up and hits a reverse slam. Release German by Cage for 2. Sydal comes back with a Paige Turner variation for 2. Sydal goes for the Shooting Sydal Press, but Cage avoids it and hits the Discus Clothesline for a close 2. Cage then catches Sydal in suplex position off the top and hits the Drill Claw to win the title. WOW!

Winner and NEW Impact X-Division Champion: “The Machine” Brian Cage

Austin Aries cuts a promo on Moose.

Promo for Su Yung vs. Madison Rayne is shown.

Impact Knockouts Championship
Su Yung (c) vs. Madison Rayne

The Undead Bridesmaids bring out a casket and Su comes out of it for her entrance. Rayne attacks Su on the rampway as the bell sounds. Crossbody and a Northern Lights by Rayne for 2. The Undead Bridesmaids begin moving towards the ring, but Rayne fights them off and hits a rana to Su outside. Rayne sweeps out Su’s leg, sending her crashing on the apron. Su comes back with a draping neckbreaker from the ropes. Su unloads with shots and hooks Rayne in the Tree of Joey Lawrence, WHOA!! Su with kicks to the back and a hesitation dropkick for 2. One of the bridesmaids grabs Rayne, but Su accidentally mists her. Rayne fights back, hitting a sliding clothesline for 2. Su comes back and goes for the Purge (Mandible Claw), but Rayne counters into a cutter for 2. Rayne hits the Rayne Drop for another close 2. Rayne goes for the CrossRayne (CrossRhodes), but Su locks in the Purge and Rayne passes out.

Winner and STILL Impact Knockouts Champion: Su Yung via The Purge

Afterwards, Su drags Rayne out of the ring and puts Rayne in the casket.

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