Conversation With the Big Guy Recap – Hogan’s WWE Return, Extreme Rules Reaction, Hart Family Drama, More!

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Ryback thought it was cool to see The B Team walk out as RAW Tag Team Champions, however he would have liked to see Rusev become WWE Champion. He points out that Rusev and Aiden English have made the most of their current situation. He would have liked that match to close to show with a Rusev victory. He thinks that would have raised Rusev to another level, and he doesn’t think it would have hurt Styles at all. He points out that the fans are still behind Rusev, and he hopes that WWE continues to push Rusev in a prominent position.

Ryback mentions that Dolph Ziggler is amazing in the ring and a phenomenal human being. He’s glad to see that Ziggler’s finally been placed in a great position by WWE creative. Ziggler is confident and he knows how good he is, and Ryback thinks that’s finally coming through now when he speaks. He thinks WWE needs to ride this angle to the main event picture, perhaps giving Ziggler a main event run with the Title before McIntyre finally becomes Champion someday down the line.

Ryback points out that Iron Man matches can be tough to time out and it can be really distracting when fans chant things during the matches like they did on Sunday. The fans counted down every single minute during the match, forcing WWE to take the clock off of the Jumbotron at one point. Ryback says it sucks as a performer when something like this happens because you’re busting your ass in the ring and the fans appear disinterested.

He admits that the crowd had been sitting there for over 4 hours by that point and they’d seen a lot of wrestling. He thought those guys did a good job of putting the crowd out of their minds and pushing through the match.

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