While appearing on What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, The Rock was asked if he’s open to a movie with John Cena or if there is just too much bad blood between them. The Rock revealed that they squashed any beef they have had and he’s actually working with Cena on a movie.

“No, I think we squashed that. As a matter of fact John is going to star in one of my movies that I’m producing. I think he’s doing great, he’s done great in his transition and he really wants to continue to work hard.”

The Rock then discussed how his beef with Cena came about, revealing it had to do with what Cena was saying in interviews before he returned to face him at WrestleMania.

“I had left and he had done a series of interviews, radio interviews and I just felt — someone reference me and said, “Hey, is The Rock coming back?” and he said, “I’m not quite too sure.” I Just didn’t like how he said it and it stuck with me. Years later when I went back I talked to Vince McMahon and we thought what if we actually took that and created this kind of thing. It’s perfect.”

“Once it was all done, all silly beefs like that, we were so cool.”

You can listen to The Rock’s remarks embedded in the video below.


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