Backstage Reason Why Brock Lesanr Wasn’t Mentioned On Raw

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Brock Lesnar showed up at UFC 226 and got a ton of attention. But when Raw rolled around a couple days later, he got no mention even though Ronda Rousey’s UFC Hall Of Fame induction did receive some praise.

This was an interesting move on WWE’s part and Dave Meltzer revealed during Wrestling Observer Radio why Lesnar was snubbed on Raw this week.

“The Brock Lesnar thing is exactly the same as always. Vince made the decision not to mention Brock on the show. Coming right off that publicity you think you’d want to show clips of it, your champion is in there with the UFC Champion. They probably couldn’t show the footage but they could have talked about it.”

“Vince’s feeling was any talk of Brock Lesnar would get in the way of Extreme Rules and he wanted the TV this week to be full on Extreme Rules, not to promote anything else. And any mention of Brock Lesnar would work against him which actually I think is ridiculous. Because shouldn’t they announce that the Bobby Lashley and Roman Reigns match is for a shot at Brock Lesnar’s championship?”

Lashley vs Reigns hasn’t been made official to be for a Universal Title shot. Only time will tell what they do, but Vince McMahon is going to keep doing it his way.

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