Dana White Tweets Hilarious Picture Of A Sleeping Daniel Cormier

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Daniel Cormier is the UFC Heavyweight Champion and has Brock Lesnar in line for his next fight. This is a guy you don’t want to mess with and he can put you to sleep in an instant.

But UFC President Dana White recently surprised us all when he tweeted out a picture of a very less dangerous looking DC. He was snoozing away with his hand in his pants looking very non-threatening. But rest assured, he is still capable of doing plenty of bodily hard.

We’re guessing whoever took this picture is someone that is confident enough in their friendship with Cormier that they know he won’t destroy them for it. Even if, they might get a stiff sparring session as a result of this stunt.

But one thing’s for sure, he’s probably not going to do much to Dana White who tweeted this picture out. After all, he has a big hand in making sure DC makes all that money.

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