Corey Graves Gets His Own “Shut Up Saxton” T-Shirt

If you enjoy listening to Corey Graves tell Byron Saxton to shut up on SmackDown, then you’re obviously not the only one. The team in WWE’s merchandising obviously finds this funny as well and they recently gave Graves his own t-shirt for it.

This famous catchphrase is pretty rude and contradicts the anti-bullying message WWE tries to portray. But this isn’t the only hypocritical thing on WWE television at all.

This is Corey Graves’ first official WWE t-shirt. He had an action figure before but never got any merch before he had to retire from in-ring competition while still in NXT.

You can pick up your very own “Shut Up Saxton” t-shirt now if you’re into that sort of thing. It is certainly a t-shirt only fans will be able to understand.