How Did Goldust’s Surgery Go Today?


Goldust has spent a lot of time working his body over for WWE and it looks like all that wear and tear finally needs addressing when it comes to his knees. Goldy had both knees operated on today in Birmingham Alabama as we previously reported.

There is an update on this story and although he will still need to recover, WWE reports that Goldust’s surgery was a total success.

Hopefully, Goldust can get back to normal because even though he’s been on the road with WWE for two decades now, he still has more gas in the tank. Another run from Goldy seems highly possible if he can get healed up.

The important part of it is that Goldust got the surgery he needs and now he’ll be able to concentrate on recovering and getting back to business. In the meantime, he’ll be chilling at home with his wife and massive dogs.


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