Original Plans Revealed for Andrade Cien Almas on SmackDown Live

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Andrade Cien Almas made his main roster debut on April 17. Since that time, the former NXT Champion has not made much of an impact. Upon his debut, the Mexican star looked to take on Sin Cara in a feud, but that didn’t translate as such on WWE TV.

While still a rumor, IWNerd notes that Almas initially had a huge path towards success on the main roster planned for him. The Superstar was reportedly set to have a quick feud with Cara before moving on to bigger things.

The plan was to have Almas take on Jeff Hardy for the WWE United States Championship, with the idea in place that Almas would’ve captured the title. Vince McMahon loves foreign heels to hold the Championship, and Almas would have in their minds been the perfect choice to hold the prestigious title.

Plans change, however, and as the rumor goes, Almas was replaced with 2018 Royal Rumble winner Shinsuke Nakamura. That is exactly what is happening on WWE TV, too. It is not exactly known why Almas was replaced, though it is expected the decision was made as Nakamura was unsuccessful at defeating AJ Styles for the WWE Championship and WWE still want Nakamura as a formidable Superstar on their roster.

The future for Almas on SmackDown Live is unknown. He is active at live events, often competing against Cara in matches. We expect to know his future within the next few months as WWE creative look to find him a spot on the two-hour weekly show.

Are you a fan of Almas? Who do you want to see him feud against? Sound off in the comments below.

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