Finn Balor Calls Baron Corbin A B*tch In Twitter Altercation

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Finn Balor and Baron Corbin have a real problem with each other. Now it looks like they’re going to get a full program.

This is a good fit for both of them seeing how they have no one better to feud with. But things are really kicking off on Twitter between the two of them.

Baron Corbin tweeted out about Balor saying: “I gave you the opportunity to apologize. And you proved everything I knew about you. You’re a coward. You’re a cheat. You’re a problem. I’ll make sure we fix that.”

This prompted Balor to say Corbin sounded like that Merideth Brooks song, “BItch.” This didn’t set too well with The Constable Of Raw either.

Corbin replied saying. “Big words from a small man. Just remember that you and your “club” are on MY show now. Remember who you’re talking to tough guy.”

This is not going to make it easy for Finn Balor on Raw, that’s for sure. But at least he has someone to deal with on television instead of just sitting in the back.


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