Dinner With the King Recap – Addressing Paige Rumours, Vince McMahon Pranks, Importance of Mic Skills, More!

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Lawler says it still catches him off guard when fans thank him for what he’s done in the business. He notes that Mick Foley is someone who fans should be thanking because Foley sacrificed his health for years to entertain fans. He meets up with Foley from time to time and it’s evident that Foley has some trouble getting around, and he wonders now if Foley regrets some of the bumps he took throughout his career.

Moore asks Lawler if Vince McMahon ever ribbed talents in WWE. Lawler laughs and notes that McMahon ribs talents all the time. He mentions that McMahon is famous for pushing talents into swimming pools during meetings. On one occasion he and McMahon were walking past a huge fountain near Caesar’s Palace and he saw McMahon charging at him in an attempt to knock him into the pool. Lawler saw him coming and moved out of the way, resulting in McMahon falling into the fountain.

Moore asks Lawler if there’s any truth to the rumours that McMahon doesn’t like sneezing. Lawler laughs, noting that McMahon doesn’t like having sick people around him. He also recalls McMahon getting a kick out of people falling asleep during production meetings. If he noticed someone asleep during a meeting he’d stop the meeting, walk up to the person and slam a book next to their head in order to scare them.

Lawler informs that one time before RAW McMahon tried to pass gas in the backstage area in order to make Gerald Brisco stomach sick. Unfortunately, McMahon had an accident in his pants instead and was forced to work RAW like that. Lawler mentions that cameras weren’t allowed to film below McMahon’s waist that night. Moore asks Lawler if he’s ever had an accident like that in the ring, and Lawler says everyone’s had a little accident from time to time.

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