WWE Feeds Conspiracy Theorists With Latest T-Shirt


WWE is gearing up for America’s birthday and they released a new line of t-shirts to celebrate the 4th of July. Using the American flag as a blueprint, they put out several new t-shirts with Superstars’ logos in place of the stars as the stripes remained the same.

One very interesting choice happens to be the inclusion of the nWo. It’s hard to argue that seeing a nWo logo incorporated into an American flag isn’t an incredibly interesting visual.

One of these shirts can now be yours during this promotional sale as we head into July so you can add this to your ironic t-shirt collection or patriotic t-shirt collection whichever one you think it fits in best.

Let the conspiracy theorist run wild on this one, but it’s probably just part of a promotional campaign of the 4th of July and nothing more. But they did make 9 shirts in total and one of them happened to be the nWo. Still, it’s a pretty strange coincidence.


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