Vince McMahon is an icon in sports entertainment. WWE and the professional wrestling industry as a whole wouldn’t be the same without his brilliant mind.

In more recent years, McMahon’s son-in-law, Triple H, has taken over a good portion of the company as McMahon begins to step back. One reason for this is the XFL, but another is his age and the number of responsibilities he has.

While in the UK for the UK Championship Tournament, Triple H was interviewed by Inside The Ropes. There, he revealed how much the WWE Chairman and CEO know about NXT and the NXT UK divisions.

In speaking with them, H confirmed that McMahon is well aware of the developmental brand, and is all for it. H explains that WWE is consistently expanding as they look not in the past, but rather at their future as a company.


H was very open in saying he and McMahon have different opinions, but they respect one another. They each have different visions, but there is no denying what McMahon accomplished.

We reported yesterday that it is believed H will take over for McMahon when the Chairman decides to call it quits. This would further allude to that being true.

Would you like to see Triple H as WWE Chairman? If not, who would be your choice?

Steve Carrier

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