Over the past week, Ring of Honor has been the subject of much discussion regarding their relationship with Madison Square Garden and the recent controversy of the venue not honoring previously promised dates for the indy promotion. (Although, no official contract was confirmed to have been made or signed.) This all stemmed from MSG wanting to work with companies outside of the WWE since the latter have been running more events out of the Barclay’s Center in Brooklyn. (That includes Takeover, SummerSlam, Raws, SmackDowns, and a week long series of events prior to next April’s WrestleMania at MetLife just this year.) One of those aforementioned companies is the Mexican Lucha-Libre based promotion known as AAA.

According to PW Insider’s Mike Johnson, the Garden is still scheduled to honor their commitment to AAA, and has held two dates in mid-September if the promotion still wants to use the historic venue.

Johnson also reports that AAA is considering pushing their MSG commitment back to 2019, but don’t want to lose out on the possible exposure they can get towards the end of this year.

It was rumored that WWE was the primary reason that Ring of Honor lost out on the Garden since the McMahon family has always had a “first refusal” offer to hold events at the venue, and may have swayed MSG away from that offer. (Even though in no world could ROH compete with WWE.) They will be holding an event on July 7th that could possibly be the Undertaker’s final appearance at the Garden as a wrestler.


As this will continue to be an ongoing story, we’ll keep you informed on any updates.

Steve Carrier

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