Talk is Jericho Recap w/ Conrad Thompson – Responding to Bischoff’s Claims on “83 Weeks”, Issues With Scott Hall, Origins of “ATM Eric” Nickname, More!

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Years later Jericho asked McMahon why that meeting took place at McMahon’s house, and McMahon told him that he wanted to see if he’d be able to trust Jericho. If word got out that Jericho was at McMahon’s house while under contract to WCW, McMahon would have known that Jericho told people. Jericho didn’t tell anyone about the meeting, and McMahon knew he’d be able to trust him.

Jericho thinks WCW’s demise came about as a result of the company’s inability to infuse younger talents into the main event scene with older performers. It was almost as if all the younger talents who could have made a difference were locked into a certain role there, and they couldn’t break through the ceiling to get to the next level.

That sums up this week’s episode of Talk is Jericho. You can listen to the show yourself anytime here, and I’ll catch ya next week for another recap!

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