Talk is Jericho Recap w/ Conrad Thompson – Responding to Bischoff’s Claims on “83 Weeks”, Issues With Scott Hall, Origins of “ATM Eric” Nickname, More!

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Jericho speaks about his partnership with Ralphus. He notes that this inspiration for Ralphus came from Goldberg’s security that often accompanied him to the entrance ramp. Ralphus was actually a truck driver who Jericho recruited and he eventually got over with WCW fans, ultimately earning $500 a night for his services alongside Jericho.

Talking about his program with Goldberg, Jericho notes that when WCW officials made it clear that they didn’t want to promote a match between them for a PPV he knew he was basically done there. He informs that he had no issue getting squashed by Goldberg, in fact he wanted to get speared right out of his boots, but he wanted to do it on a PPV and make people pay to see it.

Jericho speaks about his meeting with Vince McMahon at McMahon’s house in New York. Jericho wore a tight shirt that day to make him look more jacked, adding that he may have done a cycle of “gas” at this time in order to sharpen his physique because he knew McMahon preferred bigger performers. McMahon never once asked Jericho to come work for WWE during that meeting, simply telling Jericho to call him when his contract was about to be up.

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