As seen at Sunday’s Money in the Bank event, Roman Reigns defeated Jinder Mahal in a match that saw the crowd hijack.

Mike Rome caught up with The Big Dog and asked him how he feels about picking up the winner over Mahal. Reigns had a message for anyone, including young talent, that what to try to use him as a stepping stone.

“You know it’s not what I had planned originally but sometimes you gotta send a statement. There’s a lot of new guys, a lot of aggressive talent coming up. A lot of guys with a lot of experience. They all want to take what’s mine. A lot of people can say what they want about me but I busted my ass for 6 years to make this place mine, to mold it the way I wanted it to be, to make it a better place, to leave it better than I found it, and that’s what I’ve done. I’ll be damned, I do not care who you are, what kind of name you’re trying to make — you’re not going to use me as a stepping stone. This is my yard – in the ring, out the ring, in the back, in the locker room, I am the man around here. So if you want it, come get it.”

You can check out his remarks below.


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