WWE 2K19 Cover Superstar & Pre-Order Character Reportedly Revealed


WWE has a huge video game franchise going on at this point and the 2k team really stepped it up a notch. Now everyone can’t wait now even more than ever to see who will be on the cover of the game and better yet, who will be a downloadable playable character.

There is a big announcement planned for Monday where it will be officially revealed but Pro Wrestling Sheet reports that AJ Styles will be on the cover of next year’s game.

Ronda Rousey is reportedly going to be the special pre-order downloadable character as well which is very exciting to see if it happens.

It was reported the two were in Memphis last week for a photoshoot so that’s expected to be who the focus of Monday’s announcement will be about. Let’s just hope this game and all of the other features in it live up to the past few outings which have been quite good.

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